AI for Energy & Sustainability


Singularity is a Harvard spinoff building an AI-powered integrated energy and sustainability management platform.

Leveraging the newly available real-time data and state-of-the-art machine learning/AI techniques, we're inventing novel and practical approaches to visualize, learn, and co-optimize real-time energy usage and carbon footprints. Our solution will bring real-time visibility of energy and sustainability data with increased transparency, enable proactive energy/carbon monitoring and co-optimization, and provide better impact engagement with everyone.

Singularity is a winner of the Harvard Physical Science & Engineering Accelerator and the Greentown Labs Bold Idea Challenge in partnership with Schneider Electric.

We are a group of passionate smart grid researchers/engineers and experienced energy/IoT industry veterans. Leveraging technology developed at Harvard University, the team aims to commercialize next-generation, real-time data-driven energy + sustainability management technologies.